Our Proven Process Toward Success

1. Discover & Align

The investment management industry is entirely based on trust and confidence. Clients need to know as much about their financial advisor as possible, both on a personal and professional level, so they can know their advisor has their best interest at heart. It takes more than just an initial meeting to establish that trust, but first impressions are also important. We spend enough time with clients before entering into any investment relationship to ensure both parties feel it will be mutually beneficial.

2. Collaborate & Build

Everyone says you need a financial plan, and we agree. If you fail to plan, you plan to fail. Each client has his or her own unique circumstances and investment objectives. It could be saving for a new car, vacation, or down payment on a home, all the way out to retirement and legacy planning. The length of time available to invest and the purpose for the funds play a key role in how we plan the investment strategy. We do not take on more risk than is absolutely necessary to achieve your goals.

Investing is hard work, and there’s no silver bullet. We can look to history as a guide, because markets often rhyme, but there’s no guarantee they will repeat themselves. The old adage “past performance is no guarantee of future results.” We do the best we can to take in new information, and compare it to modern economic theory, past performance of markets, and put together a coherent strategy of how to invest to get you the growth you need while minimizing the risk of losing value. It’s important to recognize that not everything plays out the way we think it will, but as long as we get things mostly right, your accounts will end up right where you need them.

3. Review & Refine

How many financial advisors out there are pure salesmen who are only interested in you until they open an account for you and then you never hear from them again? We believe a successful relationship includes frequent check-ins to see how things are going and if anything has changed in your life that may necessitate a change to your investment strategy. It also goes back to the Discovery phase of getting to know your financial advisor on a personal and professional level. Everyone is entitled to sound financial advice, and you need to know the advisor you’re working with will give it to you when you need it most.

Austin has done a great job with my retirement accounts. He communicates changes and opportunities and answers all questions in a way that makes sense to me. I look forward to working with Austin for many years to come. Thanks!


Kind and courteous. Straight talk about your financial future; no frills. Often, Austin Duke continues to go above and beyond and has helped me achieve a financial future. He is always there when I call to ask simple questions and always has suggestions to help me with all of my financial needs. Best in the business.


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